Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Penangan Azalea Azhari

i just woke up after 17 HOURS OF SLEEP and i blame a one-day-old baby.

throughout the sleep , i dreamed of something worth thinking about. the past, present and future.

the past
i remembered exactly how i was brought up. 2 years old - i was very good at jigsaw puzzle. 3 years old - i drowned and learned to swim. 5 years old - i learned to cycle. 6 years old - i fell when i carried a bag full of books on the way to school (i was very small compared to others). 12 years old - i was accepted into MCKK. 17 years old - i was sidelined (rugby game). 18 years old - i learned to love. 20 years old - i felt the pain of breaking up. 22 years old - im picking up my pace.

the present
my dad landed a 2.6m deal (its true). i have enough work load to forget everything meaningful in life. im slowly climbing up the ladder of success. its there, i can see it.

the future
i am worth USD 100m. im single and miserable. i became arrogant. i am full of myself. i am very successful. i ditched my friends. life has no other meaning, nothing but money. in short, i lost myself.

all this was given by Azalea, asahara's new born baby. i was fortunate to hold her for more than half an hour.

its wrong to blame a baby girl, but it also can be right. she showed me the choices i could make now, life of meaning & life of success. we cant have both. azalea, you are one hell of a miracle, thank you for showing me the true meaning of life.

to asahara & awanis, congrats. deym envy korg!


I said...

"Everybody else was scared, you know fragility of newly born"

Yeah right. Punya laa aku yg amek baby tu dulu from Asahara before kau mintak...

-not only spelling-checker (kalau aku rajin), but facts too (kalau aku rajin).

*fizzy* said...

Aduiiii, sweetnyaa uncle-uncle ni gaduh pasal anak sedara baru ni.
We all punya first nephew dah besar dah, and getting cuter.

Azalea made you think?
Hope Asni's wedding did too.

Edwin Masripan, said...


saje nak spoil the feel good factor kan? terus rase cam babi.. siot ko.