Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Special

He's mean,
He's soft,
He's insane,
He's wise,
He's a jerk,
He's a friend,
He's cruel,
He's kind,
He's not funny,
but trying hard to be..
He's just my dad.

i had RM100 left in my wallet (almost zero in account), despite that, i treated my dad (and the family) at a local steakhouse. the bill came, im praying deep inside "please dont cost me more than RM100 (because thats what i can afford.. for now)". it was like hoping for a 'picture' in a poker game. RM58.70! for 3 beef grills, 1 sea bass, 1 mushroom soup, garlic bread, 3 juice and a warm water. thank God! anyway abah, happy father's day (lucky you dont read my blog, haha)

im broke! i feel ashamed of borrowing a large sum of money from a friend and not returning it ASAP. i still haven't got my May's pay. that's how hard life is now... i could only blame myself for blowing my savings for fun.

to that wonderful friend of mine, i'll get it by end of month, even if it cost me my feet! (please la jgn..)


asni said...

mulia sungguh hati eddie =)insya Allah rezeki bertambah, later if not sooner. =)

Edwin Masripan, said...

manis nye mulut..

insyaAllah, Tuhan ringankan beban

asni said...

manis? huh? saya susah puji org...try ask adrin. so once asni puji, that would mean something =)

Edwin Masripan, said...

adrin pon same je manis mulut.

tp mmg ternyata korg 2 ni pemanis mulut. hahaha