Friday, June 1, 2007

My All Time Ferrari

as boys we grew up with matchbox and hotwheels (miniature toy cars). to find it made in Malaysia, it made us even prouder. my collectibles was given away when i left home for kuala kangsar. the passion spurred wildly as i grew older.

Ferrari 456M GT. this is my favourite ferrari. why? its a 2 door 4 seater. you can at least bring someone else other than gf/wife only. although i have to admit, its a bit cramped in the back. is this my goal? lets get real. even if i have the money to buy this baby, it'd be old and obsolete, but still in consideration.

Problems of 456M GT
  1. windows falling down. now who said proton is a lousy car maker?
  2. 2nd gear hard to engage. have to wait for the engine oil to be hot first.
  3. leakage of rear absorber fluid. never heard proton has this kind of problem before.


carleysa said...

if ada duit,no hal lah nk beli.
but come to think of it,
sport car = tak practical.
tp utk kepuasan diri, dh org tu ade duit,tak slh la kot.haha

Edwin Masripan, said...

ferrari 456 practical. ade 4 tempat duduk. ade bonnet blakang. ferrari series lain tade.

id go for lotus elise anyday. come to think of it, VW Golf GTI W12 or settle with Audi S3 and top up with Mazda RX 8 Mazdaspeed version. possibility endless!

fizzy said...

*looking from afar*

Semoga dapat apa yang diingini.
Nanti Gennifer nak letak mana?

Edwin Masripan, said...

Genifer is the first car i bought. aku akan simpan sampai jd tukun. she's my ultimate horsy (at least for now)

dapat? no meaning la kalau ade if i have no one to share it with.