Friday, June 22, 2007

Laman7 Shifting Gear

(bound to have grammatical errors. please forgive as i have no time to check)

Laman7 was a bottled up idea since 2001. when i told people about my idea, the either degrade me, made fun of me, mock me and the most favorite line "can you really make it?". i was on engineering lane, i have no knowledge of IT or Business Management. Out of curiosity, i learned these things while studying for my degree. i was nearly dropping out, despite being lined up as the best student in foundation years.

IT- i started with C programming. i liked so much, that i tried drawing mickey mouse (it looked awful). later i discovered Korn's website. I wanted to copy their flash presentation. but i have no idea how to. then in 2003 i started photoshop, flash and dreamweaver it was hard as ever. a few years later, i went to uk. i started learning e107. i was lonely and in desperate need to be with my batch mates (mckk). portal was my next move. few years passed, i moved to mambo (which is later renamed to joomla). now, i consider myself above average in developing website.

Business Management - I started by skipping my engineering class and attending business ones instead. why? engineering is pretty straight forward. you grasped the concept, you'll know the whole thing. business is wicked, so many ways to deviate people. nontheless i wanted to hear the crap the lecturer is bragging about.

Part Timing - during my studies, i worked part time for my dad. he pays me RM250 a month and that was the only money i get. i usually blew it on business books, dates or IT projects. it wasnt enough to buy me daily lunch at the uni's cafeteria. oh yeah, i ride a bicycle to school. kids at uni mocked me, ur dad is a millionaire but this is your ride to uni? through hardship i learned to self contain. to accept what ever is fated for me. i kept my sorrowfulness to myself. often i tell myself, "you will be great, no matter what", and i cried to sleep in the process.

Full Time Job - years later i find myself being an engineer at my father's company. i traveled every where my job takes me. i had fun. but like i say, engineering is boring if youre not in R&D.

the birth of Laman7 - i started to commercialize the idea. friends of mine threw great ideas, i noted, learned and implemented (to my friends, you are welcome to join me). Laman7 is on kaizen, always learning to make our work flow more efficient. btw, Laman7 was officially launched on 7-1-2007.

Laman7 to date - we have sent about 20 proposals since May. 4 of them committed. 14 of them in consideration and 2 MIA. among these people are ABIM, stamford uni, nilai college, polis bukit aman, MLM companies, auto trader, halal-hub, community forums, bakery, corporate and many more.

eddie today - i official quit my post as an engineer. i declared myself as NETprenuers. i have no idea what that means, but i like it! im always busy, but will always find time for my buddies. i have no time to think about girls. they come and go like LRT. i work round the clock - 10 am to 3 or 4 am. i sleep 4-5 hours a day. i am tired. but i am satisfied, owning my company and doing what i like most. developing the web, the Malaysian web. thank you for reading such a long post.


Anonymous said...

i think this is one of d best reflection on ur life to date. all the best in d future y.Y!

u surely knw who I am ;p

*fizzy* said...

Who's dat?? LOL

Anyways, I'm not sure if I've left a comment or not [bcoz of ur comment moderation thingy ni laa.], so here goes;

Whatever you do, put your heart into it.
You'll do great, eD~

lisaOlisut said...

whoahhhh...long post but nice ;p
C programming? i'm sucks with C =(
bio+science computer thingy..just imagine..susah...
neway, good luck =)

Edwin Masripan, said...

In: Thanks. Looking forward to evolve Malaysian web

Fizzy: MMG MANJE... thanks for the support. I will never forget who my real friends are ;)

lisa: C is pretty easy, once you understand the whole concept. Get the concept first. Macam main rubics cube la. awal2 pening gile camne nak same kan satu surface. 2-3 hari pening, dptla settle the whole surface

Miss Nazrin Za said...
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