Wednesday, November 7, 2007

and so Lagi

It will train you and give you a job in the Managed Portal Services (MPS) project, which involves the maintainance and upgrading of the 102 state government and 471 federal government websites.

Skali announced that it was awarded the six-year project, which is worth RM258mil, on Wednesday and has openings for 4,000 graduates in its training programme.

well, i was bummed to see get the whole government sector. so lets do some math!

Per month Per department maintenance = 258mil /(102 + 471)(6*12) = RM 6253!

lets see what i can do with a RM6253,
  • buy new IBM laptop or Apple Tablet
  • umrah trip
  • fly to london and bring 2 of my 'ehem2' friends
  • pay 3 staffs salary
  • hire hannah tan or stephanie chia for 2 hours
  • register 100 enterprises at SSM
  • 10 x Gen2 Monthly installment
  • buy 62,530 bottles of asam taik hidung, war stock.
Graduates per site = 4,000/(102+471) = 6.9 person. being the 0.9, kesian, kene cincang.
Hence, RM6253/6.9=RM 906 = graduates salary.

  1. is 4,000 graduates too much? how bout their workstations?
  2. RM906 for salary is enough? then forget about astro, car etc.. naik honda cup je.
  3. RM 6253 per month is a lot. I only charge 10k at most, that being one time, training and support for a year.
  4. will the government site still be hackable? or you still have to download PDF and Docs to browse their page?
  5. dont you think this is stupid?
i thought so too. spread the disease...


bedmate jach-are said...

hannah tan for 3k plus? hrmm, too bad aku tatau this fact mase nk gi prom dulu, kalau x confirm prom king dh aku..haha

lisaOlisut said...

haish, otak kau ni bagus kan?=)
kagum gila aku ;p

oh by the way, mmg PEDAS kenyataan kau di post yg lalu.tapi peduli kau kau pnya sukalah kan nk letak apa.aku menyampah la dgn org yg suka persoalkan tak boleh letak itu ini dlm blog.padahal bukan blog diorang pn.blah la.
eh, emo pulak ;p

lisaOlisut said...

oh dan Skali ni dah penah dgr,kawan2 i pn nk apply job dgn mereka, mereka kata bagus.tak tahulah.kau rasa bagaimana? yang pasti aku tidak.hahaha ;p

Edwin Masripan, said...

deskmate set A : that was just a guess. last i check was 5k for hannah tan, 4.5k for stephanie chia. plus shes not that good, sitting there looking pretty..u know the drill.

lisalisut : skali is undoubtedly a great IT company but the that fact they "stole" all gov sect, whats left for us? while they are trying hard to produce new technoprenuers, what about us, whos on the verge of becoming a technoprenuer or existing technoprenuers?

business same je mcm blog. talk crap selagi bole, but be sure you can live up to it.