Friday, November 9, 2007

Facebook Make Web Developers Look Cheap

i dont really like to talk about the 'ever great' facebook. but people everywhere is screaming for them. why?
  • utilization of AJAX - dude, its 2002 technology. prada site is better.
  • social networking - great application, but failed to attract my attention. put it this way, would you rather share your interest over the net or a mamak stall?
  • for the 'geeks' - let me ask you, can you get laid over the net? hardly!
the thing about the title, Mshit sponsored $400mil for application development, 2% of facebook total value. so how much is facebook? $20BILLION!! why? remember you keyed in your birthday, location, occupation, school, interest etc, so THEY CAN TARGET BUYERS with specific information. that being said, anything is possible.

not only they make me look cheap, but your salary (RM 1.8k to 6k) look like free chili sauce/kethup at McD (maybe salt).

cool fact? nah, just another infestation.

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Angelic Sinner said...

ah i know why we can click so well~

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