Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mari Gelapkan Duit Kerajaan

On recent note, i have found myself wandering around Govs site. the design was ugh-so-stooopid. every page i went, i had to download pdf or doc file.

back to the story, i was looking for grants. my partner in crime was comel, yeah my cat. i looked for approved grant and found out most of them are not profitable or simply stupid. some even scrapped the idea. (to the successful ones, congrats). so what happened to money invested to the unsuccessful project? buat beli merc ke bang? is this considered part of the national economic circle? well, let me apply for one, see what i can do with the money.

perhaps, i shouldn't. what do you think comel? *miau2*

/me tendang kucing jatuh katil

kucing gemok, makan je ko tau.


Angelic Sinner said...

alahai ed-ku,

you know you need a vacation too when you start talking abt govt and talking to your cat



Edwin Masripan, said...

vacation? tak cukup intoxicated je. haha

the cat is seriously lazy. dah tanak lompat2 dh.

Mlle Linie.. said...

jgn dia mati heart attack udah..