Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Controversial Email?

Dear Edwin,

Kindly remove the recent post on your blog. You are not eligible to argue about overseas student like us. You dont know the distances/sacrifices we have gone through. Are you a local student?

Just because youre from MCKK, doesnt mean you can judge us based on observations.

oh boy. like i said in my reply, i will do the follow up here. its open ;)

yeah, a guy emailed me. too good to be true? i thought so too.

firstly, im not kind so i will NOT remove nor retract what i have said. we're democrats, freedom of speech is important.

tak eligible? you kidding me? like other normal malays, english is my second language. when i was in standard 2, my family migrated to US for 2 years. how does a non english speaker adapt to such enviroment, when the only words that can come out from my mouth was "teacher, can i go to the toilet?" (later corrected by the teacher, its, MAY i go to the BATHROOM). americans, they have their way. and yeah, i was both, local and overseas student. i hate it there, so i came back.

sacrifice? like how? cooking is hard? the wind is too cold for a kampung boy like you? they give out condom when you jump off the bus? page3 girl? drunk housemate? nude beach in barcelona? learning in English? oh dude.. so lame.

MCKK? how does everyone parading MC-Gay-Gay sound? a reality pinch? besides why do you have to bring up my school, are you inferior by any chance? are we an eye sore or did we sidelined you? MCKK was hell, you know nuts, so dont unzip your pants and put your cock on the table. i will not stroke it for you (nor any guys out there).

please prove me wrong (intelligent remarks je ok) if you can. pedas? yeah, thats how i like my sambal belacan to be.


deskmate kau iv sc v said...

ur not eligible to comment on overseas student like them? maybe you should let the bugger know that u studied overseas as well, hence the observation.

oh well, seemingly there's a flaw in their superiority complex. tak boleh orang criticise, melenting. very the kampung one, hahaha.

but i dont get the part abt mckk, what does that got to do with this? probably just penile envy, pity the bugger.

anyway, i am very2 annoyed when ppl who studied overseas kept repeating "ohh in the states they dt do it like this", "back in the uk, ppl wont do this". sikit2, its ok lah. selalu sangat, meluat.

i'm actually glad i didnt go overseas.

Angelic Sinner said...

this is kinky in my world!
I like like controversy..

and you..pandai menjawab eh? =p
one can never sit around without igniting fire hehe


and from the nice side of me
one Q:

Edwin Masripan, said...

deskmate f4 : glad we share the same view.. for once! whats the point of telling them i was a uk student? the mckk comment mmg low blow.

angel : i shall be held accountable for the post ;) willing to put my name on the line for this. well at least he asked with manners la kan. tak de tules, "WTF man? bring the fucking post down!" if kene mcm tu, prepare to subscribe all the porns, viagra and nigerian scam mails on MINUTELY basis. even tuka email pon, i will trace till die takde tempat dh nak beremail.

Mlle Linie said...

haha eddie! this is funny. go easy with that kid, well as you said, at least he's polite. i agreed mostly with your points on overseas students, having studied overseas for 3 solid years and observing them.

while all things are bad pon, ade jek yang bagus. maybe that could alliviate the criticism.

few things i got from graduating overseas:
- better english
- better chances of getting employment
- exposure to different cultures of working - yes i worked with the aussies on part time basis as a HR researcher, mind you, its a well known engineering consulting firm there.
- knowledge to bring back home and spread to those who need em.

bukan nak bongkak, tapi i'm just saying that while ade jek yang tak elok, ade jek yang OK. and studying overseas of course byk sacrifice, which i agree as well.

and this goon ni taktau ke kau studied overseas, as in for Ugrad studies? mengong tol. kalau nak critic pon bacala dulu kan ur previous posts?

memang padan pon kene sebijik. and kalau ye pon nak mengutuk, kasik la some points to back up the fact that "WHY EDDIE SHOULDN'T CRITICISE BUDAK2 UGRAD OVERSEAS"

and mckk = overseas? apa kaitan? i didn't get it, and i still don't. it's moronic. the next thing that'll crop up would be tkc = overseas plak.. this is a sad, sad world of "malays"

Mlle Linie said...

oh if tak malay pon, the above still applies.

Edwin Masripan, said...

ninie, your points are invalid. im criticizing, lets not find some good points here. hahaha