Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween Ben

Not exactly halloween, late by a night.

i had a friend named benjamin. i couldnt speak english very well, he was my tour guide, my best-est friend. we'd share lunch packs (i ate his sandwiches, which i didnt know it was actually ham), had playground fights, play some scrabbles and his dog, annie.

life was easy those days.

i think of ben every halloween (seriously im not gay). we were lazy to knock on neighbors' door for candies, so we robbed kids off the streets. literally robbed. we hid behind a large gloomy oak/pine tree and whenever a group of kids passed by, we came out running and screaming,"run! that tree eat kids!!".

the kids ran, crying for their mommy. as for ben and me, we got tonnes of candies, left behind by the poor kids. ben likes licorice, i like herseys' kisses and m&ms. so the trade was simple. we kept what we liked, the rest, we left it on the streets for stray dog or who ever.

ben, here's a toast for you! happy halloween you jackass.


Mlle Linie said...

now that's halloween.. patutla diorg kata ada hantu, koranglah hantu2nya.. tehehe

lisaOlisut said...

send my regards to all ghosts.BEN handsome tak?kekekeke ;p

Edwin Masripan, said...

ninie : aku bukan hantu, aku setan ;)

lisaolisut : ben very good looking, tp tak reti ckp dgn pompuan. i put in words for him most of the time.. nak kenal ben ke?