Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Why You Should Register and Vote

Politicians = Monkeys?

The election is coming. I deeply believe that BN will win again. No doubt. Why? We are giving them a second chance to redeem their worthiness. Should we? Everybody deserves a second chance.

Nazri remarks are stupid as ever. he does not portray a leader at all. who are you to be calling others "Bodoh"? Did you benchmarked yourself to signify who is Bodoh and who is not?

KJ aka Khairy Jamaluddin is a samurai waving his katana everywhere. a great samurai anticipates the opponents next move and will only withdraw his katana when necessary. also, who are you to be calling others "Beruk". It seems you have condemned Gods creation. Mengucaplah sebelum terlambat.

Anwar, peeling governments dirty little secrets layer by layer. please cut diagonally, so we can see the core.

Pak Lah, orang kampung ku. Mengapakah encik ini takda depth?

Eddie, mengapakah kau suka kutuk org? Tak sedar diri unemployed. mungkinkah di masa lapang anda mencari salah dan silap semua org.. dan juga diri sendiri? mungkin juga.

Anyway, the points

  • you are a malaysian citizen
  • your rights as a citizen
  • you care about your future
  • you care about your paid tax
  • you worry about your country
  • 1 vote can be a tie breaker (unlikely)
  • better vote than sorry.
Lets not forget about the last Ijok Story, a 9 year old boy is eligible to vote. (no way i made this up)


lisaOlisut said...

aku tak daftar utk nk mengundi pn walaupun dh cukup umur.gila selamba kan.hahaha

lisaOlisut said...

oh, betul kata kau,kalau aku sorg je pn yg tak undi pn, BN tetap menang jugak.;p

Edwin Masripan, said...

tak sempat dh register.

tp kene igt, nak vote kene ikut IC. tatau la kalau ade syarat baru.

Hassan said...

ada singgah kat blog saya ye..
emm jumpa lagi blogger melayu so saya just link up kat blog saya je la.klu kamu sudi link skali untuk saya..
Emm very complicated man i see..
Bnayk topic panas kat sini gak yeah lagipun bnyk info..
Keep up the good work bro...