Thursday, November 15, 2007

PayPerPost?.. anyone?

did you noticed how 'boom' blog is in Malaysia? my reasons are

  • we have no idea how to express our rights as Malaysian Citizen
  • we fear of ISA
  • get paid for blogging
  • or, he/she's just an ass.

you know people like mohdsuhaimy, x5mom, mohdismail etc, these people really do earn a lot from blogging. So I studied their mechanism of money making. (actually this was done years ago, just thought you might want to know)


  • Google Adsense – it’s a no brainer. Anyone can copy and paste the script.
  • TextAdslinks – similar to Google Adsense, but worthless! The requirement is very high e.g. your Google PR must be 5 and above.
  • Nuffnang – young at heart (and age) these guys try to serve ads for local flavors. Aint that easy you know.
  • Advertlets – Malaysia’s first ads serving for blog. But still, I don’t see anything good for bloggers. Also Nuffnang’s biggest barrier.

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  • PayPerPost – while making myself feel stupid, I get paid! LoL. I registered for an account because I wanted to test the system and “feel” the workflow. Also, like a cat, curious ;)

Sadly, blogosphere is frustrating by the day. new users sign up, writing about crap (just like me) and some for profiteering. The ones I follow are politics, gadgets and web technology.

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Andrew Ooi said...

be careful. I was PR 2 like you and wrote lots of paid posts. Then today I am PR 0 only :(