Tuesday, November 27, 2007

EEEPC, PC Fair is Coming

 yeah, it'll be held at KLCC starting 7th. i want this SHIT! its called, eee pc.

i hate crowded places, pasar malam and cinemas are no exception. but this time, im really looking forward get the retarded eeepc. i guess you'll see me beating an old lady to get one of this.

price? its RM1,300. it has USB, wifi, webcam, speaker, full keyboard, 7" screen and 0.92kg. its a no brainer deal. its a VERY basic computer.

im now weighing my options, mobile or eeepc. get both? i can almost imagine, pulling out this thing for a slide presentation, blogging while tailgating an evo7 or lie to tokwan, that this is actually an alarm clock.


lisaOlisut said...

haish..kdg2 untung jugak jd unemployer ni kan?ade je duit nye ;p

Angelic Sinner said...

i dont know why but it sounds very much like you-->

"its all about me,me,me"

eeepc=Edwin Eddie Ed-ku PC

hehe =)

i'd say..get one!

Edwin Masripan, said...

lisa: its very cheap. first i need to know whether this thing can play avi divx movies or not. itll be nice, watching something while driving

angelic: hahaha. betul tu. i dont know what the 3Es actually meant. you can google it for me ;)